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Michael E. Arth is an artist, home, landscape & urban designer, green builder, social activist and public policy analyst, advocate for the homeless, filmmaker, futurist, public speaker, and author. Additionally, he rebuilt 32 homes and businesses in a former slum in DeLand, FL, turning it into the Historic Garden District. In 1999 he founded New Pedestrianism, a more ecological and pedestrian-oriented branch of New Urbanism, with the purpose of designing new towns and neighborhoods.

Arrange for Michael to give a presentation or seminar to your group. An acclaimed, award winning film about his efforts, New Urban Cowboy: Toward a New Pedestrianism (83.5 minutes), can also be shown, followed by a question and answer session, and a personalized talk. Two more feature-length documentaries are already in the works. Michael is an engaging, charismatic speaker, brimming with real life examples of how to make the world a better place. His 1983 book, Introspective featured Michael’s artwork and explored what the future might bring. His forthcoming two-volume book, The Labors of Hercules: Modern Solutions to 12 Herculean Problems addresses the world’s major problems in a single exposition.

Topics: Urban Design/New Pedestrianism
  Rebuilding of a Slum Neighborhood
  The Labors of Hercules: Modern Solutions to 12 Herculean Problems
  Global Problem Solving, including philosophical issues

Future Challenges, especially with information technology

“Arth’s a visionary…His dedicated efforts represent a triumph of will over adversity”

—Daytona News-Journal

“KNOWN TO URBAN PLANNERS and designers the world over as the father of ‘New Pedestrianism,’ Michael E. Arth decided to put his groundbreaking ideas about compact, walking-oriented, mixed-use neighborhoods to the ultimate test….”

—Jim Morekis, “An Interview with Michael E. Arth,” Connect Savannah.

“I had the pleasure of attending two of Michael Arth's presentations, one in a theatre aimed for the general public and another at a university intended for students. In both settings I found Michael to be a clear and precise speaker, his ideas to be practical and accessible, and his overall effect to be energizing and empowering. New Pedestrianism is the obvious new way to live in cities and Michael is the movement's
best apostle.”

—Yann Martel, author The Life of Pi

“Any of you who are in the know when it comes to New Urbanism have probably already heard of the New Urban Cowboy, aka Michael E. Arth. He's the mind behind New Pedestrianism, a more extreme form of New Urbanism in which pedestrian lanes instead of streets are the main connectors, with garages and car lanes relegated to the backs of buildings. Arth is also an idealist, a visionary, and an insanely hard worker-he's one of the (too few) idealists/visionaries that have the practical know-how and gumption to see their dream through to the end, to its absolute completion.... I'd advise anyone who is overly skeptical of solutions to the problems facing our civilization to see his movie, and to pay close attention. For that matter, anyone who is overly skeptical of our capacity to work together, create positive, major change, and to fulfill our dreams, ought to take a long look at what Michael Arth has done. You just might be inspired.”

—I'ON Group.

“Our architecture, design and planning students really connected to Michael E. Arth’s talk on New Pedestrianism and Cities of Tomorrow. It was evident in the way they listened intently, their many questions, and the eager group that came up to him to continue the conversation in the end. One young woman stood up and gave a thumbs up, and she appeared to represent the responses of many.”

—Louise Turner Chawla, Ph.D., Professor, College of Architecture & Planning,
University of Colorado

“I saw Michael E. Arth give a presentation at the ISOLA (Indian Society of Landscape Architects) Convention in New Delhi. His childlike enthusiasm and passion is contagious. He has inspired me to dream big and keep the passion alive.”   

—Jagan Mohan, Green Scene Landscapes, Hyderabad, India.


Michael E. Arth primary website: MichaelEarth.com
About New Pedestrianism: NewPedestrianism.com
Michael’s urban design company: PedestrianVillages.com
Michael’s multi-media company: GoldenApplesMedia.com
New Urban Cowboy film: NewUrbanCowboy.com
The Labors of Hercules: Modern Solutions to 12 Herculean Problems: LaborsOfHercules.com
About the development of a self-aware Internet: UNICE.info

Golden Apples Media represents Michael in speaking engagements. Email or call for availability and rates: Email: goldenapplesmedia@gmail.com. Phone: 386-738-2230.



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